Update Your Locks to Boost Your Security

Update Your Locks to Boost Your Security

Rekey the locks of your commercial building

To keep unwanted visitors out of your facility, it’s important to make sure that only the right people have keys. However, you might find that guests and other people have held onto borrowed keys to your building. You don’t have to replace your locks to solve that problem.

Key of E Locksmithing can rekey your locks. Our locksmiths can:

  • Inspect your locks
  • Change the pinning within the locks
  • Provide new keys for your locks

Only the new keys will operate your locks, so anyone with an old key won’t be able to use it anymore. Rekey your locks promptly so you can put their keys in only the right hands.

Have you had a change in personnel?

If your former employees haven't returned their keys to you, then their keys could be anywhere. You don't have to worry about them falling into the wrong hands if you rekey your locks. Increase your building's security by hiring us to change the pinning in your locks right away.