Restore Your Antique Hardware to its Former Glory

Restore Your Antique Hardware to its Former Glory

Restoration pros can reverse the damage

At Key of E, we understand perfectly about how older hardware matters. Perhaps it takes the form of an antique door knocker that is on the home of a loved one that passes on to you, and brings up happy memories of visiting your loved ones. Maybe it's an older handle, knob, or gate that, as a child, let you know how close you were to grandma and grandpa. Or maybe it's the front door, that has that certain special aroma to it that takes you back to a different time. At Key of E, we understand that these locks are more than just devices that keep a door closed. They are family heirlooms, and we don't want to trash them any more than you do.

Let Key of E come and breathe new life into those well-loved pieces of your history. Our restoration skills are, we truly believe, unmatched in the Bryan and College Station area- you can put your faith in us to restore your antique hardware to the best of our ability.

We Aren't intimidated by antiques

Maybe you need to restore an old gate to keep the historical value of your home. We have experience repairing antique hardware. These items have immense value. That's why we're always careful and pay attention to detail when working with older pieces.

You can hire us to revitalize your antique pieces, recapturing their original beauty. We can work on:

  • Antique locks
  • Doors
  • Gates
  • Door handles


Not sure if we can handle your restoration job? Ask us now by calling 979-676-4187.