Time Can Take a Toll on Your Hardware

Time Can Take a Toll on Your Hardware

Restoration pros can reverse the damage

Keeping your home safe is about more than locks and keys. Damaged, worn-down buildings are more prone to break-ins and safety issues. That's why Key of E Locksmithing works on residential restoration projects. We can complete minor repair and restoration jobs on any residential property, from studio apartments to three-story mansions.

Stop dealing with that broken door knob - get a restoration service from Key of E Locksmithing today.

We Aren't intimidated by antiques

Maybe you need to restore an old gate to keep the historical value of your home. We have experience repairing antique hardware. These items have immense value. That's why we're always careful and pay attention to detail when working with older pieces.

You can hire us to revitalize your antique pieces, recapturing their original beauty. We can work on:

  • Antique locks
  • Doors
  • Gates
  • Door handles


Not sure if we can handle your restoration job? Ask us now by calling 979-676-4187.