Turn Up the Volume in Your Media Room

Get a theater installation for your business in College Station & Bryan, TX by calling Key of E Locksmithing

Do you want to install a theater in your office? Key of E Locksmithing will take care of your theater installation from start to finish. Let us run the necessary wiring, install your speakers and turn your space into an entertainment space.

For commercial properties we install:

  • Sound systems
  • Integrated TV displays

We'll run low-voltage wiring for telephone systems, cable networks, camera systems and audio. We also offer pre-wiring services for new construction.

Call us today to schedule your theater installation. If this sounds expensive, call us to find out! It's not as expensive as you think - Our costs are 20-25% less than competitors. We build each system custom to you and your needs.

home audio installation college station tx

Add an audio system throughout your space

A speaker installation can completely change the way you live. Key of E Locksmithing can add speakers throughout your entire house, including outdoor entertaining areas. With a full speaker system, you can:

  • Play music everywhere
  • Listen to an audiobook while you work
  • Use a virtual assistant program in any room

Our team will run the wiring, install the speakers and troubleshoot them if there are any issues. We also offer wireless systems.

Make an appointment for your speaker installation today by calling 979-676-4187.